Smart Lists is a custom search engine for creating lists of companies based on Intricately data.

Here a few examples of searches:

  1. Companies using a CDN service and based in Utah
  2. Companies spending more than $100,000/month on infrastructure
  3. Automotive companies using Amazon CloudFront and Salesforce

How to use Smart Lists

Open a new smart list by clicking the button in the top navigation, or from the middle of your homepage.

Click "Add Rule" and select a filter (scroll down to see a list of filters).

There is no limit to the number of rules you can add.

Click "Save" when you are ready to download the list.

By subscribing, you will receive email updates when a company meets the criteria.

Editing a Smart List

As of now, we don’t allow you to edit a Smart List once you save it. Don’t panic! Create as many as you need.

Smart List Filters


The infrastructure providers that we track.

We recommend selecting your competitors or channel partners.

Product Category

We track eight different categories. Here is a link to see them.

Company Location

The headquarters location for the company. We group the common regions around the globe for you. 


Pick a range of employees to narrow down your results.

Overall Spend

The overall spend number that you’re used to seeing at the top of a company report. Here is an article on how we track spend.

Alexa Rank

Alexa rank is an industry standard for a website’s traffic. For example, Google and Facebook rank first and second respectively.


The industry category is a perfect way to narrow down a vertical.

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