Intricately provides technical data about any company’s cloud infrastructure: What they are using, how it is deployed, and how much is being spent.

See detailed information on prospects like; has their infrastructure is configured, how much of an investment they're making in the cloud, and the key details about their applications.

When you’re ready to prep for a call, you can see it all in your browser or Salesforce instance with our Chrome extension - saving you time and effort. As a leading infrastructure and cloud technology provider, there are a few important use cases you’ll want to start using to get the most out of Intricately from day 1:

1. Target Companies Who Overspend on Infrastructure.

One of the first questions you can answer during lead qualification is which companies are overspending on their cloud infrastructure.

Since Interconnection typically requires a multi-vendor strategy, this use case is compelling and easy to accomplish through the Intricately List Enrichment.

List Enrichment can be done by importing a list of email addresses or company websites. You’ll receive a formatted spreadsheet back with all the data you’re used to seeing in the platform plus additional valuable contents.

The formatted spreadsheet displays vendor and spend information for each of the leads entered. For example, in addition to the company’s total spend, you’ll see information for categories such as DNS services, CDN providers, and Video Platform Providers, etc. 

Each category is also divided based on spend and vendors. For DNS services, the spreadsheet will show the Primary DNS Provider and the spend for that category. You’ll also see secondary providers and spend information. 

By sorting the spreadsheet based on the categories you’re interested in, you’ll be able to see which leads are spending the most in your category.

We recommend sorting based on the following categories:

  1. Overall Spend

  2. Total # of Providers

  3. All CDN Providers

2. Identify Companies with Too Many Vendors

The List Enrichment spreadsheet provides insight into vendor excess, which is our term for paying too many vendors. Too many vendors could mean the company might run into problems with managing all of their services. 

To see this information start with the ‘Total Providers’ column on the List Enrichment spreadsheet. This will immediately sort the list to show the company with the most providers first.

Intricately data uncovers ideal target customers for Equinix. With List Enrichment, you will find prospects with a diverse set of vendors and substantial investment in the cloud, and self-hosted infrastructure.

3. Find the ‘why’ in your Customer Conversation

Having an intelligent conversation with a prospect will not happen without knowing why your lead is purchasing services from the competition.

This research can be done from inside the Intricately application, not the List Enrichment spreadsheet. 

Once you’ve done the list enrichment sorting and filtering exercise, you should have a handful that you’re ready to target. The next step will be digging deeper into their infrastructure to understand why and how a vendor is used.

Each prospect profile in Intricately, provides a breakdown of vendors for each category. Clicking on the vendor icon will show you the networks that vendor has in operation, and host names. 

This information tells the story of the company’s breadth of deployment, the type of media they have, the type of subsidiaries and how global the company is. Companies wth on-premise solutions will also be shown. 

Seeing host names that don’t mean anything to you (like ‘’) might be difficult to understand at first, but looking the list of hostnames will also contain clearer data (like ‘’) which will tell you where the company has deployments worldwide.

4. Keep track of the Hot Leads

Our Watchlist feature allows you to pro-actively monitor prospects without having to log in and check each profile individually. 

Simply add or follow a company or group of companies in the Intricately platform to get updates on your leads directly to your email. There are a few ways to do this:

  • Click the ‘Follow’ button on a profile in Intricately.

  • Connect your account to Salesforce (all leads will be added to your Watch List).

  • Open the ‘Alert’ section in your account menu, click ‘Watch Lists’, and ‘Add Companies’ to paste in a list of company URLs. 

  • Download the Intricately Chrome extension and add a company by clicking the extension when you’re looking at a company site.

Once your Watchlist is built, Intricately will send you summaries of key events related to the companies on your list. This includes renewals, expanding or reducing vendors, and more.

Key Takeaways

In short, there are some immediate actions you can take in Intricately to start prioritizing and researching your top leads. 

  1. Upload your leads to use Intricately’s List Enrichment feature.

  2. Identify which of your Leads are overspending in specific categories.

  3. Identify which of your leads are using a large number of vendors in specific categories.

  4. Check your lead’s profiles to see what they’re using and why in your category to get more our of your conversations.

  5. Connect your Salesforce account to import your leads (or follow another method above to get your leads into Intricately).

  6. Build out a Watchlist to get updates on when leads make changes you want to know about.

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