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Intricately is like x-ray goggles for the internet - we provide access to information about leads you can’t access anywhere else, including spend, engagement. Our goal is to help members of the AWS team better target customers, easily prioritize, quickly meet quotas. 

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Getting started with Leads

Knowing who to talk to is perhaps every sales reps’ biggest challenge. Get a better understanding of what technology is being used by your target companies and prospect leads with Intricately in two ways:

  1. Your one-to-one sales tool: Intricately Chrome extension lets you see an individual’s company complete technology profile right in your browser or Salesforce instance.
  2. Your one-to-many sales tool: Look at a bunch of companies at once to sort, segment, and target based on specific criteria.

Instant lead insights with Chrome extension and Intricately for Salesforce

Our handy-dandy Chrome extension is the best prospecting time-saver around. We’re collecting heaps of data all over the internet 24/7, and surface the data that matters - spend intelligence, category spending, and more - to you without ever having to leave your browser.

Plus, our Salesforce plugin combines the information you have access to in Salesforce and Intricately, without having to navigate between browser tabs or log into two different accounts. Simply view a lead or account in your Salesforce instance and click on the Intricately icon for instant insights.

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Scaling targeting with Lead Enrichment

Need up-to-the-minute data on groups of companies across the cloud? List enrichment instantly provides you gobs of data on any list in 4 easy steps:

Step 1. Take a list, whether it be a lead or account list, a list of y-combinator companies, Fortune 500 companies or spreadsheet file with email addresses or URLs, anything!  

Step 2. Upload into Intricately here. Once this list is uploaded and run through Intricately’s engine, a file is returned that you can download, sort and filter.

Step 3. See data that matters. The first few columns of this file will have basic company information: company name, URL, Alexa rank, LinkedIn URL and followers. The Intricately information starts at column H, where you can see how each company ranks based on tier. Keep reading below for details on the info.

Step 4. Sort and filter to based on your goals. Find opportunities to approach leads that are already familiar with your products and services, and that of major competitors. 

For example, filtering hosting providers to see secondary and tertiary providers could represent a new angle to approach leads. Or, you could filter for companies that use Google as the primary vendor and AWS as a secondary vendor. 

Understanding leads: Spend, Vendor Diversity, and Depth of Deployment

Understand the data so you can take action

Step 1: Spend 

Spend represents how much we estimate the company spends across technologies and offer deep insight into their tech infrastructure.

Spend can tell you how mature and advanced the company’s technical infrastructure is, or where changes in spend history may represent an opportunity for new business.

Following columns in the file repeat for a set of technologies. Hosting information is categorized by total spend estimate, the primary hosting provider, secondary and tertiary providers, and what the spend amounts are for the top three providers.

By sorting and filtering the data in the spreadsheet, you can zoom in on specific providers. This presents a unique opportunity to identify where AWS doesn’t have a primary, secondary or tertiary position, or where a competing product might be in place.

The spreadsheet repeats this format for all types of technologies. If you know there are specific types of technology that AWS can go against, you can search this inside the spreadsheet. 

Step 2: Vendor Diversity

Looking into how many vendors your prospect has will help you understand the complicated decisions companies make in starting, renewing and ending contracts. 

The technology categories in the List Enrichment spreadsheet can help profile potential customers and what accounts they have. 

Leads that have a lot of vendors in a particular category may be ready to consolidate some services. Likewise, leads that have all of their contracts with one company may be open to talking about ways they can diversify vendors.

All of this information can be found inside the Intricately platform, and by looking at each company profile. It can also be discovered using the Chrome extension if you’re looking at a website in the browser or within a Salesforce instance. 

We recommend sorting your List Enrichment file to get a sense of the typical makeup prospects have and noting this for future opportunities. 

If prospects begin to take on vendors or consolidate you’ll want to know about these changes. It might not mean anything to you right away, but it’s information that could be useful in the future. 

Step 3: Depth of Deployment

Once you’ve narrowed down specific leads, it’s time to get a grasp of what they use each vendor for. Depth of Deployment allows your to see what a company is spending to understand not just what they spend on, but also how they’re spending.

Specific deployments such as applications, mobile apps, video can further help you get an idea of what a company is doing with how much they spend on technology.

Intricately understands the difference between different types of services. Looking at a company profile in Intricately slots services in different categories (ex. traffic management configuration vs. DNS).

Inside Intricately you can see this information by looking at the different types of services under a company profile. Clicking on individual icons will show the applications and host names deployed under that provider.

With application names, information can sometimes be ambiguous but don’t pass over your most important leads in Intricately because the hosting names can help you see how certain services or providers are being used, and can give you an edge in sales conversations.

Listening to the Market with Watchlists

are the easiest way to keep an eye on companies that are using competitors or changing services, either with competitors or with other vendors. Get an alert when a new company starts using your services or .

Here’s how to easily add companies to a Watchlist:

Step 1: Connect your Salesforce account to import leads.

Step 2: List your desired URLs or email addresses with a simply copy/paste.

Step 3: Add a company by clicking ‘Follow’ on their profile in Intricately.

Step 4: Alerts can can be set up once and customized based on your preferences.

And voila! Intricately will automatically tell you whenever significant changes happen to the infrastructure with a company on your Watchlist, so you can stay in the know and take action at the right time.

Key Takeaways

  1. Build Intricately into your workflow with our Chrome extension and Salesforce plugin to save time prospecting.
  2. List Enrichment helps you find the information you need on leads faster. 
  3. Sort and filter the data in your List Enrichment spreadsheet to re-rank or prioritize your leads based on spend or technology vendors.
  4. Icons in specific categories on your leads Intricately profiles will show you the depth of deployment for specific vendors.
  5. Setting up Watchlists in your account will help you track when and how your leads are renewing contracts or changing vendors.

Interested in checking out our new features and updates for yourself? Get in touch with the team at Intricately for more information!

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