Revenue is a common way Sales and Marketing teams carve up territories. Intricately's revenue estimation model gives you a view into revenue for all companies-- even private ones that don't publicly report their revenues!

Revenue data is available:

View Revenue Band Data

You can access revenue band data via our web app or Excel exports. Revenue bands express the range that the company's monthly revenues (in USD) fall into.

To view revenue band data for a particular company, open that company's report in Intricately:

In the web app:

In the Assistant (Chrome plugin):

Targeting Companies by Revenue

You can identify companies that fit your revenue criteria by using the Revenue rule in Smart Lists.

  1. Create or edit a Smart List

  2. Select Add Rule and choose Revenue:

  3. Specify your revenue criteria, by selecting the minimum and maximum monthly revenues you're interested in:

  4. Add the rule, and save your Smart List!

Your list is now filtering for companies that fall within your specified revenue criteria.

Leverage Revenue Data at Scale

Enterprise customers who've purchased the Advanced Targeting Data Package can access Revenue data via Enterprise integrations, including:

  • The Salesforce Connector (for enriching CRM records with revenue data)

  • Snowflake data warehouse integration

  • Bulk cloud storage data delivery

Interested in adding Revenue data to your enterprise plan?

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