Whether large or small, businesses around the world possess a multitude of valuable datasets they’ve collected, purchased, and maintained over years of operation. Still, one of the biggest remaining challenges is the lack of data when it matters most. With Intricately’s Advanced Account Scoring dataset, go-to-market teams can build predictive models for the datasets deemed most valuable by the business.

Examples of valuable datasets include:

  • Lead scores

  • Account potential scores

  • Customer’s likelihood to churn

  • Prospect’s propensity to buy

  • Company revenue

  • Company size/employee count

  • Geographical location

In this post, we’ll provide a high-level walkthrough of how to build a simple model to predict a company’s revenue streams with Intricately data. Remember: This same process can be leveraged to predict any dataset being pursued by your team.

There are four steps involved in building a model:

  1. Identify your Training Data

  2. Merge your Training Data with Intricately’s Advanced Account Scoring dataset

  3. Visualize the dataset for key insights

  4. Train and select the model

Now, we’re ready to dive in. In our next post, join us for a walkthrough of how to build a Machine Learning model that predicts a company’s revenue by leveraging Intricately’s Advanced Account Scoring dataset.

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