How do I export data?

Once you've created or imported a list using one of our prospecting tools, you can export the data. The export will be in .csv or .xlsx format, for easy editing in Microsoft Excel or Google sheets. To learn more about the specific list management tools, see our documentation on each feature:

Are there limits on my data exports?

Your account has a pool of Export Credits, which determines how much data you can export:

  • One Export Credit is equivalent to one "row" of company data in the .csv/.xlsx export

  • Export Credits can be used on either Smart Lists or Imported List Enrichments

Your Intricately plan or license determines how many credits you are granted, and when they refresh. You can always check the limits section in the navigation sidebar to see:

  • Your total credit limit

  • How many credits you have remaining

  • When the credits refresh

Exporting a Smart List or Enrichment automatically consumes export credits. Once all your export credits are consumed:

  • In-progress exports will complete. The finished report will include however many company records the system processed before your credit limit was exceeded

  • New exports will be disabled until your credits are replenished

When do credits refresh? How do I get more Export Credits?

Export credits will refresh on a regular cadence, depending on your plan:

  • Free plan: credits refresh daily

  • Pro plan (monthly): credits refresh monthly, on the first of the month

  • Pro plan (annual): credits refresh annually, based on your billing renewal date

  • Enterprise plan: credit refresh annually, based on your license start date

You can see when the next refresh will occur by checking the limit section of the sidebar.

You can also unlock more credits by upgrading your Intricately plan or license.

How can I export a specific set of records from my list?

Export credits will always be consumed starting from the beginning of the report. For example, if you have 500 export credits, and export a Smart List with 1,000 records, your export will always contain the first 500 companies in the Smart List.

The best way to make sure you export a specific subset of records is to create a smaller list.

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