All the features, data, and management settings you need are just a click away:

  • The sidebar gives you easy access to all the features you need to leverage Intricately data and prospect. Expand/collapse the sidebar to optimize your screen real estate!

  • The top navigation bar gives you access to other helpful utilities, such as your Account Settings:

Prospecting Tools

In the top left, you'll find your key tools for viewing and extracting cloud data:

  • Company Reports: search for and view a detailed report on a particular company's cloud infrastructure. Learn more about using Company Reports here.

  • Smart Lists: create and export target account lists based on specified criteria. Learn more about using Smart Lists here.

  • Imported List: import your own list of accounts and enrich them with Intricately data. Learn more about Imported List Enrichments here.

Plan & Team Management

The sidebar is also where you can track what's included in your (or your team's) plan and manage those features.

Your Plan: track what's included in your plan

  • Explore available Intricately features

  • See exactly what's included in your current plan

  • If your license includes integrations, access the setup and configuration for these features

Your Team: access information and user administration for your team. Learn more about setting up teams in Intricately here.

Credit Tracker: easily track your available credits under your existing plan! At a glance, you can check:

  • The total credits available in your license

  • When those credits reset

  • How many credits you have remaining

Settings & Utilities

The top navigation bar includes other useful tools for optimizing your Intricately experience:

  • Export Manager: track the status of your in-progress exports, and download completed reports

  • FAQ: access documentation to help you master Intricately's tools & data

  • News & Updates: stay on top of the latest Intricately reports & platform features

  • Account Settings: manage your account settings, such as your linked company email address

  • Billing: if you have a subscription, manage your payment method & invoices.

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