You can monitor the competition or companies using several features:

  1. Events
  2. Watch Lists
  3. Market Monitor (Enterprise only)


Events are accessible in a company report or your Alerts dropdown. Viewing Events provides you with a live feed of technology changes such as

  1. AWS CloudFront was removed
  2. Akamai was added
  3. Fastly was removed from one property

On the left side, you can apply filters to target specific companies, products and categories as well as your Watch List (more on Watch Lists below).

We recommend looking to Events when you're in need of proactive strategies for reaching out to leads.

Watch Lists

Watch Lists allow you build a list of companies of interest and monitor them for technology changes, similarly to Events.

We will deliver an email when a major change has occurred.

How to set up Watch Lists

We offer 3 ways to create a watch list. If you don't use Salesforce, skip to #2.

1. Connect your Salesforce

The leads that you own in Salesforce sync into a watch list. We'll notify you when it is complete. You can edit or re-sync the list at any time.

2. Manually add companies to your "My Companies" Watch List

Click "Add Companies to Watch" and paste in a list of URLs.

3. Click "Follow" on any company report in the application or chrome extension

A follow button is visible on every company report. Click to add the company to your "My Companies" watch list.

4. Customize your notification preferences in your settings

We will notify you only when there are changes to your watch list.

If there is no activity, you will not receive an email. We will email you once a day at most.

5. Preview of Email Alerts

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