With our Alerts features, you can subscribe to automatic notifications of important changes at companies you're interested in.

Smart List Alerts

Create a Smart List to define the criteria for accounts you're interested in, then subscribe to alerts to be notified whenever accounts are added or removed from the list!

Subscribing to Alerts

  1. Define your list. Create or select an existing Smart List. For example, you could set up a Smart List to track all companies using your competitor, or tracking all companies within a specified spend threshold and headquartered in your geographic territory.

  2. Save your Smart List.

  3. Subscribe to alerts. Click the "bell" icon to subscribe to alerts on your Smart List. You can toggle your settings to subscribe or unsubscribe at any time.

Using Alerts

While you're subscribed to alerts, you'll receive a weekly email summarizing changes to your list. The digest includes:

  • List of companies that were added to the Smart List

  • List of companies that were removed from the Smart List

  • Downloadable CSV list of all changes

You can easily follow up on any prospects that newly match your criteria by:

  • Following the links to open a prospect's Intricately company report

  • Downloading the changelog and enriching the whole list using Intricately's Enrichments feature

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