This video explains how to use the Intricately Chrome Extension. If you prefer step-by-step instructions, continue scrolling.

Step 1: Install the Chrome Extension  

If you don't have the Google Chrome Browser, here is a direct link to download it,

Step 2: Visit a website and click the Intricately logo

Step 3: Interact with all elements

Our chrome extension offers the full power of Intricately data. That means everything you see is interactive!

  • Click on Spend #s to see specific spend estimates
  • Click on Provider icons to see the hostnames and application types
  • Click on the Alexa rank to view the entirety of the company's digital footprint

Step 4: Visit a lead or an account in Salesforce and click the extension

Without having to leave Salesforce, you can view any lead or account's spend and technology details.

Step 5: Invite your colleagues to try it!

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