It’s time to put on your x-ray goggles and discover opportunities to find and close more deals.

Search for a company in Intricately.

This will pull up a company report, which summarizes the technology stack and spend data for the company. More on company reports in this video

Click on the provider icons, the logos for the technologies. This will pull up the product type and where it's installed.

If you'd like to learn more about how we collect data, here is an article full of diagrams.

Download Intricately Assistant

Intricately Assistant allows you to access the Intricately company report while you're researching your accounts. It will automatically update to the account you're browsing when visiting their website, the account record in salesforce or on LinkedIn.

To download, go here

To access, click the Intricately Assistant (Intricately logo) in your browser to view the technology report for any company.

Enrich your current list of assigned accounts in Intricately 

Upload a list of current leads and we will append our technology and spend data to the spreadsheet.

Create a Smart List

Smart Lists is your search engine for net new companies. Build a custom query with any of our data points to generate a list of companies.

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