The budget a buyer has to purchase your product.

Attribute Availability

We calculate Spend Potential for every company. Looking to score leads with missing firmographics? Spend Potential will get the job done for you.

Did you know?

On average, over 50% of lead data is missing key firmographics like company size. As a result, Sales and Marketing are forced to discard these leads, including the good ones. What a waste!

That’s why we created Spend Potential. Spend Potential represents the budget a buyer has to purchase your product. The best part about Spend Potential is that it can be calculated in the absence of firmographic data.

Spend Potential is calculated using 4 data attributes:

  1. Infrastructure Spend (Cloud and Data Center)

  2. Application Traffic

  3. Product Adoption and Usage

  4. Employee size (when available)

Because we understand applications, application traffic, and the infrastructure they run on, we can predict a buyer's budget for your product with a very high degree of confidence.

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