We provide the specific data center location where companies are purchasing storage. We also provide the type of service they're using the data center for, e.g., content delivery.

For example, we tell you the following about Nike:

  1. Nike has on-premise data center hosting

  2. The location of the data center

  3. The volume of traffic in the data center

  4. The type of service in use by Nike at the data center

You can use this information to target businesses in your territory that spend on data center hosting. 

What do our customers do with this data?

  1. When analyzing a territory, they evaluate the companies who pay for data center service in the territory. This is in addition to using the address as a territory identifier. Customers can expand their target markets significantly.

  1. When a salesperson is evaluating a prospect, the prospect's volume of data center traffic will influence their demand for cloud services and vice versa.

  1. Salespersons and marketing leaders use the data center locations and spends to build lists of net new companies in Smart Lists.

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