Our Enterprise plans and annual Pro plans include team functionality. Within a team, you can:

  • Manage licenses for multiple seats

  • Invite team members

  • Track usage metrics

Getting started with team creation

If you're an Enterprise customer, we'll set up the team for you! All you have to do is tell us which users should be granted admin access.

If you're not an Enterprise customer, you can create a team yourself by purchasing multiple subscription licenses.

To upgrade to a Pro subscription, follow these steps:

  • Visit our Upgrade page to purchase licenses.

  • Select Team Pricing and enter the number of seats you'd like to purchase:

  • Confirm your transaction in the subsequent Stripe checkout screen.

If you already have a Pro subscription:

  • Navigate to the Team Settings panel under Settings > Account Settings and select Purchase Licenses.

  • Enter the number of licenses you'd like to purchase. (Don’t forget to include your own license in the total count!)

  • Confirm your transaction in the subsequent Stripe checkout screen.

Once your team has been created, you'll be prompted to enter some additional information before setup is complete.

  • Name your team. Enter a name for your team! This name will be visible to all team members. This can be edited later if desired from the Team Administration page.

  • Invite your teammates. You can invite teammates to join Intricately by entering their email. Invitees will be automatically sent an invite link to activate their Intricately account and join your team.

That’s it! For next steps on team management, visit our Managing Teams in Intricately support article.

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