Intricately is a very accurate source of data due to its data collection methodology, which is very important for you to understand.

Our methodology enables us to collect technology usage data and track web traffic. Once we assemble these key data attributes, we produce the Intricately Spend Estimate. 

To learn more about how we estimate spend,  click here.

Since 2013, we have been building and refining our Global Sensor Network. The network includes thousands of physical deployments spread across six continents and 100+ countries. These sensors help us map the digital world.

At the heart of the network are gateways, which we like to call “on-ramps” to the internet. Gateways are operated by internet service providers like Verizon, Comcast and AT&T and give your device the ability to send and receive information online.

Intricately monitors millions of Internet Gateways.

Intricately’s sensor network monitors the flow of information through these gateways, keeping track of changes as they occur. 

The network provides us with a tremendous level of accuracy because we’re able to see how the traffic travels from one point to another. 

Other data providers only look at what’s visible on a website and don’t take into consideration all the other areas where applications run.

Our sensor network can answer questions like these far more accurately than other providers:

  • Which companies use Amazon Web Services to host their online presence?

  • How much are these companies spending, and how has that changed over time?

  • Where are Facebook’s data centers located and who operates them?

To learn about how we compare to other providers or how sensor network detection compares to web scraping, click here.

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