TL:DR: Our cloud spends are based on 3 attributes: the applications using the product, the amount of application traffic delivered by the product, and the typical cost of the product

For example, when we estimate the cost of Amazon EC2, we look at which applications EC2 is deployed across and the amount of application traffic EC2 is supporting.

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To address the challenges of estimating infrastructure costs, our sensor network has purposely been built to collect details about product deployments, application configurations, application traffic, product adoption/usage and more.

Our sensor network monitors the following attributes 24/7/365 for 7M+ businesses world-wide:

  1. The web, mobile, and back-end applications a company operates

  2. The operating environments a company manages

  3. The cloud products each application and environment relies on

  4. The usage and application traffic of each cloud product

  5. The pricing for each cloud product

Collected data is then passed through a modeling layer that appends details about a company's digital and physical presence, products in use and digital sophistication, then applies cost models to calculate comprehensive spend estimates.

Discover, measure, monitor:

  • Application & environment discovery: We’re always on the hunt for new applications and hosting environments. Companies launch these regularly and our goal is to be the first to know about them.

  • Service detection: Our traffic monitoring agents see when an application or a hosting environment starts or stops using a cloud service.

  • Traffic estimation: We have developed a platform-agnostic view into mobile, web, console and IoT traffic. When we combine our data with third-party audience measurement, the end result is the most complete and unbiased view of global traffic and application demand.

Our system utilizes substantial data collection, machine learning, and ongoing model refinements to continuously improve the accuracy of our estimates.

Finally, we maintain a tight feedback loop with providers to ensure regular tuning of our spend estimates. By establishing a consistent method for understanding spend, we provide valuable insight into the public cloud ecosystem.

If you’d like to learn more about how we estimate spends, please contact us to schedule a meeting with our customer success or sales team.

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