The Intricately Assistant is the ultimate side-kick for prospecting! Follow the steps below to install the Assistant and start leveling up your sales process with Intricately data.

Step 1: Install and Set Up the Assistant

The Assistant is delivered as a Google Chrome extension! Click the button to install the extension from the Google Web Store:

(If you don't use Google's free browser, click here to download it).

Take a few seconds to set up the Assistant to fit best in your workflow! First, you can pin the extension icon to your browser bar, so it's always easily accessible:

Next, choose your preferred Assistant display behavior. Right click the extension icon to select an Assistant Mode:

  • Companion: Need to use Intricately as a constant resource, while minimizing clicks? Our default Companion mode opens the Assistant as a sticky sidebar, automatically refreshing with the relevant data as you prospect.

  • Quick Reference: Need to reference Intricately data, while conserving screen space? Quick Reference mode opens Intricately as a pop up window, which can be easily dismissed and reactivated as needed, without disrupting your existing workspace.

Step 2: View a Company

Click on the Intricately icon in your Chrome toolbar to open the Assistant. It will open as a sidebar next to your browser window.

Next, navigate to a company you're interested in, and the Assistant will automatically display the relevant company report. The Assistant works on:

  • Company websites

  • Salesforce records

  • LinkedIn profiles

The Assistant stays open as you navigate through different companies. It will automatically refresh to show you the current company's data-- without any additional clicks required from you!

Step 3: Interpreting a Company Report

The Assistant displays key cloud data for each company, in an easily scannable format:

Each report contains:

  • Key Company Information: Company name, estimated spend tier, subsidiaries, domains, firmographic data, traffic data

  • Product Details: Data on the company's tech stack, by product category.

Each report is also fully interactive! Hover over any data component to open guidance tooltips with more information.

Or click on a component to drill down for more details.

Want to dive deeper into understanding the data available in each company report? Check out our How to read a company report article.

Interested in customizing your view? Enterprise clients can work with us to create a personalized Assistant View for their team. Contact us to get started!

Step 4: Take Advantage of Advanced Assistant Features

If you've connected your Salesforce account, our Salesforce Record Viewer works right in the Assistant! See at a glance what Salesforce accounts or leads already exist for a company:

Or click to easily add a new record to your Salesforce:

The Assistant also makes it easy to access the rest of Intricately's powerful features. From the Assistant menu, you can access your other Intricately tools with one click:

  • Enrichments

  • Smart Lists

  • Settings

  • Help Center

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