Import any CSV into the Intricately Enrichment feature to receive a formatted spreadsheet that is ready for Excel.

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How to enrich a list with technologies and spend?
Can I import a list of leads and see what technologies they use?

Enrichment is valuable when you need:

  1. To prioritize a list of leads or accounts based on the technology used

  2. To see which leads already use a competitor

  3. To sort a list of leads based on spending

  4. To enrich your CRM with Intricately's data

  5. To see when a lead added the competition

Example of an enriched list:

Steps to Using List Enrichment

1. Open Enrichment under "Prospect" or Visit the Enrichment section

2. Import a list of websites  (must contain a URL)

  • A list of websites (or email addresses will work equally well)

3. Wait for Import to Process

  • It will take a few minutes

  • We will email you when complete

  • Or, you can wait and click the green download button when complete

  • All of your lists are available to re-download

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