Our Team Administration portal offers a comprehensive view of your team's adoption of Intricately. 

To view usage, add users, and manage access 

Visit Team Administration by clicking your photo in the top right.

How to add users (individual or bulk)

  1. Open the Admin Actions menu
  2. Select Invite Teammates
  3. Add an individual email address, or multiple separated by commas to add to your account.
  4. These users will default to your Intricately pro settings.

How to Downgrade, Remove, or Make a team member an administrator.

  1. Select the gear icon under Admin
  2. There will be 3 options to Make Admin, Downgrade to Free, or Remove.
  3. If you need assistance downgrading users in bulk, please contact support@intricately.com.

How to monitor your team's usage

We offer an overview of your team's adoption of crucial Intricately features. You will find adoption statistics for the core features of the Intricately Sales product: Reports Viewed, Smart lists created and exported.

Additionally, we provide insight into the last usage date to see active users:

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