In this article, we’ll walk through how to manage users and monitor usage in Intricately:

Accessing team administration

To access Team Administration, you must have Team Administrator or Team Owner permissions for your team.

Once you’ve confirmed you have the appropriate permissions, navigate to Team Administration under User Settings, as shown below:

Configuring team settings

You can edit your Team Name by clicking on the pencil icon:

Managing licenses

You can track your licenses in the Team Overview section:

  • Purchased licenses show the total number of licenses for your team.

  • Available licenses show the remaining licenses that have not yet been assigned to a user.

Need to add additional licenses? Click Purchase Licenses to add more seats.

Please note: If you are an Enterprise user – or if your team has already purchased the maximum number of self-service licenses (25) – you'll need to contact us at for assistance.

Inviting team members

Collaborate with peers and colleagues in Intricately by clicking Invite Teammates under Available Licenses:

This will open a window displaying your invite options:

Invite Links

If you choose to enable invite links, you’ll be able to copy your team's invite link and share it manually. Anyone clicking the link will be prompted to activate their account and will then be added to your team.

Email Invites

You can also invite teammates by entering their email addresses. Intricately will automatically send them an email with the invite link.

If your team has available licenses, invited users will automatically be granted a license. If no licenses remain, users will still be able to join the team, but they'll be assigned a Free plan.

Managing users

You can leverage the User Administration section to manage team access, license allocation, and permissions for your users.

To manage users, simply select the name of the user(s) you’re looking for. This will open the menu of available Admin Actions:

Managing team access

You can remove a user by selecting the Remove from Team option. This will immediately remove them from the team and free up their license (if they were assigned one).

Managing license allocation

  • Select Upgrade to Enterprise/Upgrade to Pro to assign the selected user(s) available licenses.

  • Select Downgrade to Free to assign the selected user(s) a Free plan. This will make the user’s previously paid-for license available to others.

Managing permissions

Each user on the team can be assigned a role, based on permissions set by the admin. The Team Owner enjoys the highest level of account permissions and customization.


Team Admin

Team Owner

Access Intricately data & tools

Access Team Administration

Assign licenses

Access Team invoices

Purchase licenses

Manage Team billing

Select the appropriate admin action to demote or promote a user:

  • Make Admin: Make the user an admin.

  • Revoke Admin Access: Demote an admin to a member.

  • Make Owner: Make the user a team owner

  • Revoke Team Owner: Demote the owner to a member.

Usage tracking and reporting

Wondering if you can track how team members are using Intricately? We’ve got you.

The Product Usage section gives you an at-a-glance view into your team's overall usage, with insights into:

  • Report views

  • Records exported (across Smart Lists and Enrichments)

  • Smart Lists created

For a more comprehensive look, you can export a full report by clicking Generate Activity Report under Team Overview. Intricately will assemble the usage report and email it to you when it's ready – it’s that easy!

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