We provide a series of products to help you with:

  1. Prospecting

  2. Lead Qualification

  3. Pre-Call Preparation.


You're responsible for finding your own leads or at least a percentage. You also may be looking for new leads to get ahead of your quota.

We can help you accomplish this via two key features:

  1. Company Report (In-app or the free Chrome extension)

  2. Smart Lists

Company Report

A company report in Intricately is the basis for all our products. It includes all of the spend details, technology usage, and application data for any given company.

To view a report, search for a company in the app, or visit a website and click the chrome extension. 

Here is a video describing all the data on a company report:

How to use the reports for prospecting:

If you already have a list of websites to prospect, use the company report to determine fit. You will be able to answer questions like:

  • How much do they spend?

  • How many apps are live on the internet?

  • What kind of applications are they running?

  • How much traffic are they experiencing?

Smart Lists

Smart lists are your resource for bulk prospecting. You can build lists of leads based off of our data. It is ideal for net new prospecting. 

For example, you can build lists such as:

  1. A list of automotive companies in the USA that spend more than $100,000/month on AWS

  2. A list of non-profits in California that use Salesforce and use Google Cloud.

Smart Lists help you build your territory efficiently.

Here is a short tutorial on how to build a smart list:

Lead Qualification

Incorporating Intricately into your lead qualification process is a must. Here's how and why:

Company Reports

Please read or watch the video above if you haven't already. We will discuss best practices for lead qualification, and you must know how to read a report first.

Spend Estimates

Intricately spend estimates provide an easy way to determine the size of a prospect's digital presence. The higher the spend, the more digital infrastructure they need to meet the demand.

While viewing a company report, the first data point you will see is the overall spend estimate. 

If you sell a product that increases in cost based on usage, a high spend number is ideal. 

Technology Data

Every company report features the technology stack deployed to power their digital footprint. You will know which technologies your lead uses and the use case. 

We recommend looking for:

  1. Competitors

  2. Partners or Channel Partners

  3. Integration partners

Click on the Technology Logos

If you click on the logos, you will see how your prospect uses the technology. It will bring up a list of domains, sub-domains, and hostnames where the provider technology is present.

For example, you will see if Akamai is on www.nike.com or just store.nike.com.

If a qualification parameter is APIs, this is a way for you find out how they currently offer APIs.

Your qualification metrics will be unique to the product you sell. If you're not sure what to look for, please reach out to us for a free consultation.


If you have an existing lead list, enrich the list with our spend and tech data to qualify your leads in bulk. Once you've familiarized yourself with spend and technology data, this is a must.

If you want to see all the technologies your current lead list uses, use enrichment.

You will need a CSV or list of URLs for your leads. Paste into enrichment, and we'll have a file for you to download.

Pre-Call Preparation

Now you have complete visibility into your lead's digital footprint. You'll know exactly how to position your product against their current solution. 

Competitive Selling

There is no better way to position yourself against the competition when you know where it is installed, how much it costs your prospect, and when the contract is up for renewal.

Time saving

The final benefit is time-saving. You will already have answers to several questions on your initial call list.


Our goal is to provide the most comprehensive view of a prospect’s spend potential. With Intricately, you’ll have answers to fundamental questions before the first phone call:

  • How much do they spend?

  • How many entities are live on the internet?

  • What kind of applications are they running?

  • How much traffic are they experiencing? 

  • In this guide, I’m going to walk you through the steps to creating a prospecting process that delivers results.

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