Intricately's Sensor Network comprehensively evaluates all of the digital assets that a company operates.

Let's look at Nike, Inc.

Nike operates 100+ domains, many that are clearly part of the company:,, or, for example. Although there are many domains that are less clearly tied to Nike, for instance Hurley and Converse, both owned and operated by Nike, Inc. 

Intricately is able to see that Hurley and Converse are subsidiaries of because Nike (the parent company) is providing digital services to both of these companies.  

The configuration of digital parent and child entities sharing infrastructure is quite common, and each of those digital entities can have hundreds of unique applications (like or powering distinct digital features on their own properties.

Our focus is on mapping the relationship(s) between billions of digital assets globally, enabling us to spot parent-child relationships, capture a comprehensive view of the applications powering a company's digital experience, and deliver insights on spend, growth, and demand across the digital universe.

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