How we estimate Public Cloud Infrastructure spend

How we estimate Public Cloud Infrastructure spend

We don’t claim to have access to a company’s bills, but we are able to draw meaningful conclusions about a company’s public cloud infrastructure spend.

So how do we do it?

Step 1: Collect a lot of data

1. The Web, Mobile, Back-end Applications a company manages2. The Operating Environments a company manages3. The Cloud Services each application and environment relies on4. The Usage of each service5. The Pricing for each service

Step 2: Discover, Measure, Monitor

1. Application & Environment Discovery: We’re always on the hunt for new applications and operating environments. Companies launch these regularly and our goal is to be the first to know about them.

2. Service Detection: Our traffic monitoring agents see when an application / environment starts or stops using a cloud service

3. Traffic Estimation: We have developed a platform-agnostic view into mobile, web, console, and IoT traffic. When we combine our data with 3rd party audience measurement, the end result is the most complete and unbiased view into traffic globally.

Finally, we maintain a tight feedback loop with providers to ensure the regular care and feeding of our spend estimates. By establishing a consistent method for understanding spend, we are providing valuable insights and transparency into the public cloud ecosystem.